I went into Snatched looking to somewhat enjoy a dumb but entertaining film with Amy Schumer and her abnormally small mouth saying loud and bawdy things.  I got the latter in spades but I also found myself straight up LOLing.  This was not just a vehicle for Schumer but a great mother-daughter/partners-in-crime comedy.  Goldie Hawn is … More Snatched

20th Century Women

Thank you Topeka Kansas for Annette Bening!  Thank you Berkeley California for Mike Mills! 20th Century Women was one of the best films I have seen in a while (Hidden Figures was also awesome, but I feel like everyone knows that now).  I am astonished that  Ms. Bening was not nominated for an Academy Award … More 20th Century Women


Arrival is no Independence Day, which I am thankful for (aside from the lack of Will Smith).  Amy Adams is always a delight, no matter what semi-uptight, but warmth-in-her-eyes character she is playing.  I could do with less Jeremy Renner as he had zero chemistry with Adams and in no world is Jeremy Renner a metaphysical mathematician (actually … More Arrival


Let me begin with the fact that I saw this movie with my father.  As we did during A History of Violence, Eastern Promises (apparently we are big Viggo Mortensen fans), and Unfaithful we just ignore the sex scenes and only discuss the comedic relief and any misunderstandings my father may have had (which are usually … More Elle

Hacksaw Ridge

The story of Desmond Doss, a WWII hero, is passionate, heart-felt, tragic, heroic…and oh, oh no, wait, Mel Gibson what are you doing, no stop, please stop, you’re ruining it! Desmond Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving 75 soldiers on Hacksaw Ridge during the Battle of Okinawa.  He was also the first … More Hacksaw Ridge


Spoiler alerts ahead…if you have never heard of Christine Chubbuck, what she did on live television on July 15, 1974, or the two films about Chubbuck that played at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.  Otherwise, you know how this film ends. Rebecca Hall committed to the character of Christine Chubbuck with skill, nuance,  and a … More Christine

The Magnificent Seven

Calling something “magnificent” adds a lot of pressure to any film, but then multiplying it by seven??  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves people!  The most magnificent thing about this film is Byung-Hun Lee’s face (specifically his cheek bones) – hubba hubba.  Otherwise, it falls a bit above mediocre. Chris Pratt can be hilariously charming, but he … More The Magnificent Seven


I have never wanted two brothers to kiss as badly as I did Brad and Brett Land in Goat.  Starring Ben Schnetzer (“Brad”) and Nick Jonas (“Brett”), Goat is never easy to watch, it is however rewarding to view in it’s entirety.  The entire cast is talented in unassuming ways, which makes the violence and abuse somewhat tolerable. It … More Goat